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The Most Common Kinds of Property Crimes

When you think about crimes, the first things that come to your mind are the most heinous ones, such as rape and murder. But it is important to note that there are various kinds of crimes, and one of the most overlooked kind is called property crime.

According to the website of this Nashville criminal defense lawyer, property crimes are those that involve the taking of the money or items of property. They are distinguished from crimes to persons since they do not necessarily involve threats or physical harm. But it cannot be denied that property crimes still have victims – property owners.


Arson is a common property crime wherein a person intentionally sets a property aflame with the intention of causing damage to it or destroying it completely. Arson can include big properties, such as houses, and relatively smaller ones, like motor vehicles. Many arson cases are based on rebellion or revenge.


Burglary occurs when a person enters another’s property with the intention of committing a crime. Usually, this crime is related to stealing something, such as jewelry and motor vehicles. In fact, theft is so often associated with burglary that some even think that they are synonymous.


Robbery is committed when a person is taking a property that does not belong to him using direct violence or threat of violence. What differentiates it from other forms of theft like shoplifting is the violence part. Other forms of theft do not necessarily involve violence, as many of them focus on stealth and other passive tactics.


When you hear the word vandalism, your initial thought includes graffiti. This is understandable, because spray painting another person’s property can be considered vandalism. But do you know that vandalism is more than that? Vandalism is the damaging or destroying of another person’s property, may it be inflicting force such as hitting it with a baseball bat or making it unrecognizable like spray painting on it.

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